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Articulation: Sp Blends Sentence Flash Cards

Here are the "sp" blends flash cards.  Up next: "st" and "sw" blends!

Articulation: Sn Blends Sentence Flash Cards

And here are the "sn" blends!  These work great when laminated with AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches!

Articulation: St Blends Sentence Flash Cards

Here are the flash cards addressing "st" blends in sentences.  Only one more set of s blends to go... "sw" blends!  Coming next week!

Articulation: Sm Blends Sentence Flash Cards

There are not a lot of "sm" initial words out there (or free clipart to go with them)... but here you go!  Still working on sn, st, sw... and maybe more difficult s-blends like spr and str if anyone is interested.

Articulation: Sl Blends Sentence Flash Cards

Here are the "sl" blends sentence flash cards.

Articulation: Sk Blends Sentence Flash Cards

Now that I am out on maternity leave (I will be full term tomorrow!!!) I have slowed down quite a bit with my materials.  I am planning on making these flash cards for more s-blends, but for now I have only finished the sk-blends.

Spatial Directions: Fourth of July

A little early, but here are some positional directions with an Independence Day theme.  I am especially excited about the Fourth of July this year because my baby girl is due that day!  The basic concepts addressed in this activity are over, under, above, below, beside, and next to.

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