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Articulation: S Data Sheet (Isolation & Syllables)

Free worksheet for collecting data on /s/ articulation in isolation and in syllables.  Great for sending home for extra practice!

Articulation: F Sentences Flash Cards (Final)

Here is the third of three sets of /f/ in sentences flash cards.  These free flash cards address the /f/ phoneme in the word-final position of words.  Great for sending home with kids for extra practice once they have already mastered /f/ in words and phrases!

I like to laminate my own cards with AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches.

Articulation: F Sentences Flash Cards (Medial)

F sentence flash cards, with the /f/ phoneme in the word-medial position!  These work great when laminated with AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches!

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