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Expressive Language: Top Ten Easy Personal Questions

I have many kids who can't answer personal questions (even when they know the answer).  With some of my clients who are less intelligible, I am working on answering these questions using an AAC device such as a DynaVox or an iPad with Proloquo2Go.  With others who are not motivated to talk, I am simply working on getting a response the first time I ask the question.  With others, I simply want them to be able to recite their last name and phone number in case of an emergency.  I make it a goal for my kids to answer at least 8 out of these 10 questions within 5 seconds, the first time they are asked.  I also teach my kids to say something like "Hmm" or "Let me think" if they need additional time.  When they give a blank stare instead, it's unclear whether they understood the question, whether they are still thinking, or whether they are ignoring me.  Do you have any other "must know" personal questions that you want your kids to be able to answer?

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