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Basic Concepts: Temporal Directions (Back to School)

This worksheet targets temporal directions (before and after) with a back-to-school theme.  For example: "Before you touch the desk, touch the blackboard" and "Touch the chair before you touch the backpack."

Depending on which clause the word "before" appears in, the order of the directions reverses!  This is a difficult receptive language concept for some kids, and often leads to poor performance on the Concepts & Following Directions subtest of the CELF-4 assessment.

And here are some more free temporal concept worksheets.


  1. I appreciate your time, effort, and energy!!

  2. Hi Ms. Lane!
    I cannot seem to access your "back to school" temporal directions. Has it been removed? Your website is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I think it should be working now!!!


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