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Articulation: Vocalic R Story Activity (Er Sound)

I'm going to start working on vocalic /r/ stories next, as these seem to be some of the hardest sounds to treat, at least for me.  I like to break up the vocalic /r/ sounds into er, ire, or, ear, ar, and air.  What is your favorite tip for working on vocalic /r/?

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  1. Great idea to break up these /r/ sounds! I, as well, target them individually before moving onto the next good 'ol /r/. I tend to use the Say It Right book, which has the individual /r/ - word to sentence level in all positions.

    1. I've been using The Entire World of R, which also breaks it up. I'll have to check out Say it Right!

    2. Just checked my book - they're the same! Say It Right is the company... :)

    3. Haha I should have known... Say it Right sounded familiar! Another book I've really been wanting to check out is Step Up To R from LinguiSystems. It looks even more detailed than The Entire World of R!


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