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Grammar: Personal Pronouns

I am going to use this worksheet with one of my clients who is working on using correct personal pronouns.  Such a difficult skill to master especially in children with autism!  I usually give a lot of cues at first, such as asking "Is it a boy or a girl?" and then having a visual chart that shows boy = he, girl = she, 2 people = they.


  1. Love it / thanks!
    I also like to work on pronouns using small everyday items (or toys).
    Hand a small sack or container of objects to each student. You may need to participate if you have just boys.... perfect would be a group of 3 to be able to practice /he/, /she/, /they/, or even /him/ and /her/.
    Instruct 1 student to give another student an object. Instruct the student who received the object: "Using the word /he/, tell everyone what "he" gave you."
    For "they" - 2 students or you and a student will need to give objects to the student who is to practice "They gave me a car and a paperclip." That is a little more difficult to prompt when you are participating.

    Again - Thanks for the free worksheet.

  2. Thank you! I can use this.

  3. Hi, I am Luisa from Colombia, thank you for share it

  4. This is perfect and easy to share. Thank you!


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