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Receptive Language: Understanding "Not"

This worksheet addresses the basic language concept of "not."  One of my kids can identify what doesn't belong from a field of 3-4, but it's harder to decide what is "not" in a category when there are only two choices.  What's even harder will be alternating between asking what IS and what IS NOT in a given category!  We will get to that soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Jess

  2. Dear Jess, my child has both and expressive (more so) and now also receptive language delay. We are finding that she struggles with categories and has no clue of "NOT" as per your practice sheets. She has been in speech therapy for a year and I am not sure I see a lot of improvement or even that these deficits were noted. She is almost 4 yr old and we do not know the cause of this. Do you have more ideas for categories and negations examples? thank you so much JJ

    1. Hi Jess:
      As an SLP, I'll take a crack at answering this. "Not" is an exclusion term. I would start with photographs of objects; 3 identical, one unrelated (e.g. 3 photos of a little girl, THE SAME PHOTO EACH TIME, and one of a cookie, or a chair, or whatever). When you place the 4 photos in front of her, the exclusion, the "one that doesn't belong," is more evident. Ask her "which one does NOT belong?" and use errorless learning, guide her hand to the correct answer. Then do the same with 4 different pictures, in which 3 are IDENTICAL and one is UNRELATED. Again, we are working with PHOTOS at this point. When she can choose the one that is "not" from a group of 4 with 90% accuracy, you can move to drawings. Then you move to objects that are related, first distantly then more closely. I hope this helps.

  3. Thank you so much!
    great help to my kid....


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