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Making Inferences: Where Am I Going?

Hi y'all.  I don't normally do this, but I am asking for YOUR help coming up with ideas!  I am working on an activity targeting inferences.  The child has to infer where I'm going based on what's in my suitcase.

What other ideas do you have?  Help!!!



  1. I LOVE this idea! I'm not working on full brain power here, but hopefully these ideas could spark your creative mind!!!
    *Space outfit, something else spacey - going to space
    *a paddle, swimtrunks, boat? - going to river/lake
    *suit, briefcase, pen/pencil - meeting
    *christmas present, christmas sweater, ornament, food - a christmas party

    I hope these don't sound too dumb. . . I also hope you share what you end up with!!

    1. Thanks, I love all of those ideas especially the trip to outer space!!! Yes, I will definitely be sharing this!!!

  2. Here are a few others:
    -going to a birthday party (gift, kazoo, party hat, balloons)
    -going grocery shopping (reusable grocery sacks, list, coupons. This one might be more difficult to guess)
    -rodeo (hat, boots, bandana)
    -camping (tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, marshmallows for smores)
    -fishing (fishing pole, lures, worms, bucket, boat, net)
    -ballet or tap lessons (leotard, tutu, ballet/tap shoes)
    -football practice (jersey, football padding, helmet, ball)


  3. Looks like you've gotten some good ones, here's a few I thought of:
    going bowling, going to a fair/amusement park, going to Disney, the dentist, the doctor, going to the library, going to a baseball game (or football, hockey, basketball)
    going to a movie, play or concert
    going to a restaurant (McDonalds, taco bell, pizza place)
    going to the airport
    Right now I'd like to going on a cruise!

  4. Great ideas!
    You could add:
    sleep over

  5. This is a great activity!
    Some other possible ideas:
    Halloween (trick or treating)
    Car trip
    Bowling alley

  6. what about places around school? To the playground, to PE, to music, (you could add the teacher's pictures as well!) or local places the kids would be familiar with?

  7. How about the beach! or trick or treating or a birthday party

  8. Can you send me a copy of the suitcase template please????? :)
    Here are some ideas:
    Camping, library, post office, park, various states/countries (use well-known places like Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Empire State Building, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc....), swimming pool (similar to beach), grocery store, movie theatre, roller skating, ice skating, therapy visit, out to eat, a friend's house for sleepover, fishing, etc....

  9. I love this idea as well. Did you ever make more of these suitcases? I would love to use this in therapy at the beginning of the year.

  10. Can you post the activity or the suitcase template pretty please!

  11. Could you please send me a template of the suitcase too? So fun!

  12. Love this idea!!!
    You can add:
    -Zoo (animals, zookeeper, cage, etc.)
    -museum (sculptures, framed paintings, guide with a badge that says "guide" etc.)
    -shopping (mall/store), vacation (suitcase, airplane, identification, etc.)
    -movies (popcorn, candy, movie reel/screen, ticket, etc.)
    -supermarket (registers, food, shopping bag, etc)
    -church (person dressed up, bible, pastor, choir, etc.)
    -home (school bus, backpack, jacket, house, keys/doorbell, etc.)
    -library (book, shelves, librarian, library card, back pack, computer, etc.)
    -doctor's office (doctor, stethoscope, nurse, patient table, tongue depressor, etc.)

    You can also change this activity to make it a "where am I?" activity as well...

    If you have updated or added more suitcases please let me know, post or send!

  13. I love this idea i love lots of your ideas.
    I was going to say swimming, library, party, picnic, supermarket, ice skating, doctors, ballet/football(soccer)/music lessons. Pe kit and camping. Please can you add the suitcase template invade I think of any others. I'm happy to share with you.


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