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Spatial Concepts: Above & Below

These flash cards address the positional concepts of above and below.  I have included 24 cards.


  1. Might I suggest including questions like "what is above the cloud" and "what is below the butterfly" so the middle object isn't always the starting point.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I thought about doing that... but do you think it would make the answer too obvious if there is only one item adjacent to the object?

  3. Sorry for the delay and the confusion. I meant leaving the pictures as they are and replacing the question. So still using three pictures but adding two other questions. For example with the sun, cloud, and moon, adding two more cards with the same pictures and the questions "What is above the cloud?" and the answer could be the sun or the sun and moon, as well as "What is below the moon" and the answer could be the cloud or cloud and sun. I just know the population I work with is very good at picking up patterns within therapy materials. Sorry again for the delay.


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