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Spatial Concepts: Front & Behind Flash Cards

These flash cards address the spatial or positional concepts of front and behind.  This concept is much easier to target with actual objects, but flash cards have their place too.  I find that this particular concept is NOT well targeted with iPad apps.  I've used one where the student drags and drops an item behind or in front of a house, but it's really more just to the left or the right of the house.  I do, however, love iPad apps for other spatial concepts like above and below, or left and right.

Try pairing these cards with a fun game like Pop-Up Pirate!


  1. I really appreciate you sharing all your wonderful ideas. I check each week and am amazed but all you create and share. Thank YOU!!

  2. Wonderful!!!!!!

  3. I have been using your spatial concept cards. They were just what I needed, Thanks.


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