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Short Story Comprehension: Halloween

I haven't made one of these in awhile!  This is a quarter-fold booklet that is great for coloring.  It contains a short story with three comprehension questions.  I use these to work on recalling details in short stories.

Click here to download the Halloween story booklet!

Articulation: K Sentence Flash Cards

Here are three sets of /k/ flash cards addressing the /k/ phoneme in complete sentences.  There are 16 flash cards (2 pages) of /k/ in each position (word-initial, word-medial, word-final).  Great for working on articulation or the phonological process errors of fronting or backing.  

These work great when laminated with AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches!

Auditory Memory: Recalling Sentences (3-5 Words)

I have the hardest time thinking of short sentences on the spot when working on recalling sentences in therapy.  I guess I just can't think and count that quickly!  Here is a list of 3, 4, and 5 word sentences that you can use with any game or that you can send home as homework.  I like to use games like Pop-Up Pirate that allow for lots of trials!

Has anyone else noticed that it's harder for kids to recall questions than statements?  I think their brains automatically want to answer the questions rather than remember the words.

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