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Yes/No Questions Affirming or Denying Object Labels

I made this PowerPoint presentation to work on answering simple yes/no questions.  Each slide contains a picture of an item or an action with a basic question asking the child to affirm or deny an object label.  Learning to answer these types of yes/no questions helps with the ability to later answer more abstract yes/no questions.

Vocabulary: Community Helpers Flash Cards

I made these flash cards for one of my clients who was unable to identify community helpers.   I first gave him a choice of 3 and asked him to identify the correct community helper.  I then made it harder by asking, "Who is this?" and having him come up with the community helper's name on his own.  He is unable to read so he couldn't just read the answer!

Expressive Language: Formulating Sentences

I made this worksheet for my client who is working on formulating sentences when given two words to use in the sentence.  Nothing fancy, but great to send home as homework.

Receptive Language: Basic Adjectives

I made this PowerPoint a long time ago for one of my clients who was working on basic adjective vocabulary.  If the child clicks on the right answer, positive feedback is given.  If the child clicks on the wrong answer, it says something like "let's try again."

You can also print these 4 per page to make flash cards!

Expressive Language: Comparing and Contrasting

I made this free PowerPoint presentation for one of my clients who is working on describing the similarities and differences between two items.  I usually give a visual cue card that helps him formulate sentences.  The cue card says "They are the same because ________, but they are different because one of them _______, but the other one _______."

You could also print these 2 or 4 per page and make flash cards with them.

Categories: Receptive Identification

This free worksheet addresses receptive identification of items from a field of 4, when given an object's category.  For example: Which one is a fruit?  Which one is a number?

Receptive Language: Object Functions

This is a PowerPoint I made to work on receptively identifying items from a choice of three when given an object function (which one do you eat, which one do you wear, which one is used for cutting, etc).

When you view it as a slide show and click on the correct link, you hear applause and it moves to the next slide (I think... it's been awhile since I made this).  You can also print each page and have the child tell you the correct answer.  Or print them 4 slides per page and cut out and use as flash cards.

Expressive Language: Function, Feature, and Class Cloze Phrases

I made this list for a client who is working on filling in the blanks in cloze phrases.  First we worked on receptive identification of objects by function, feature, and class, and then we started addressing the same skill expressively.  This particular client has very limited expressive language, but he is able to verbally fill in these types of blanks, and he shows tremendous pride when he answers these correctly.  I love my clients!

Yes, I know that there are not an even number of items in each group... someday I'll fix that.

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Articulation: Silly Sentences with the "S" Sound

I just added the "s" phoneme to my collection of silly sentence worksheets.  This packet addresses initial, medial, and final /s/.

Articulation: Silly Sentences with the "Sh" Sound

I have several clients who are working on producing "sh" in sentences.  These silly sentences target the /sh/ phoneme in the word-initial, medial, and final positions.

Articulation: Silly Sentences with the "Ch" Sound

Here is my now-famous silly sentences dice game with the "ch" phoneme in the word initial, medial, and final position of words.

Articulation: Silly Sentences with the "G" Sound

I did it again!  Here is a worksheet with the "G" phoneme in all word positions.  Great for home articulation practice!

Expressive Language: Asking "When" Questions with Irregular Verbs

Some of my clients have trouble formulating questions, especially when using irregular verbs.  I created this worksheet to send home with those kids!

Articulation: "Th" in Isolation and Syllables Data Sheet

I have several clients who have trouble producing the "th" phoneme!  Here is a data sheet to send home with parents working on producing /th/ in isolation and in syllables.

Articulation: Vowel Practice Data Sheet

I made this data sheet for a client with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, who is working on fine-tuning her vowel production to increase overall intelligibility.  We use the "Monkey Mouths" vowel flash cards, and I take data on this sheet as she goes.  It's great to send home so her parents know which vowels to focus on!
Click here to download the vowel sounds data collection sheet.

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