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Positional Directions: Easter Theme

I love using these spatial/positional concept worksheets!  Here is one I just made with an Easter egg theme.  I wish I had made it a week ago so more of you could use it, but better late than never!

What's the next holiday coming up?  I don't think I could really do Memorial Day themed directions, and the 4th of July is still a long way away (I know because it's my baby's due date)!

Articulation: Silly Sentences with L Blends

And yet another silly sentences game!  This one addresses fl, pl, gl/kl, and bl.

What other phonemes/blends would you like to see?

Articulation: Silly Sentences with the "L" Phoneme

I've made quite a few of these, since I think they are a fun way to work on articulation carryover.  I would not recommend using these until the child is able to produce the /l/ sound pretty consistently in words and phrases.

Receptive Language: Is or Is Not (Part 2)

This is another wonderful idea that came from my client's mom.  Thanks again M.K.!  The best ideas come from those who know our clients better than we do, so I am always thankful for other people's ideas!  We are still trying several different approaches to see what will stick when it comes to negation concepts.  We might also try this same idea with pictures rather than words.

Categories: Negation Concepts

Here is another worksheet addressing the language concept of "not."  This is a difficult concept to target, which is why I have made so many materials to work on it!  Lots of repetitive practice is needed.

You could also work on this using a set of real life objects (e.g., "Give me everything that is NOT blue.  Give me all of the dolls that are NOT boys").

Please consider donating a dollar or two if you want to see more SLP materials!

Receptive Language: Understanding "Is" and "Is Not"

This is part two of an activity I posted last week.  My sweet client was able to identify which item from a choice of two was NOT in a category, but this takes it to the next level.  Now, he will have to identify which item IS and which item IS NOT in that category.  Cognitively, he understands what belongs in a category, but has trouble understanding and expressing the language concept of "not."

Articulation: Th in Sentences (Flash Cards)

Each of these sentences contains two different words with the /th/ sound.  I included a page of word initial, word medial, and word final cards.

AAC: What Color Is It?

I have a client who is learning a new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.  She is able to request colors and label colors using her device, but we have not yet worked on identifying the color of an object that is not right in front of her.  This worksheet will be used to answer questions about what color various items are.  Some of these (apples, grapes) have multiple answers that are acceptable.  The point is really just to work on her familiarity with the device.

Receptive Language: Understanding "Not"

This worksheet addresses the basic language concept of "not."  One of my kids can identify what doesn't belong from a field of 3-4, but it's harder to decide what is "not" in a category when there are only two choices.  What's even harder will be alternating between asking what IS and what IS NOT in a given category!  We will get to that soon!

Articulation: Minimal Pairs in Sentences - Gliding

Here are some more flash cards to address phonological process errors!  These cards address the phonological process of "gliding," which refers to substituting a /w/ or /y/ sound (a "glide") for a /r/ or /l/ sound (a "liquid").

There are 24 flash cards in this set.

Articulation: Minimal Pairs in Sentences - Stopping

These flash cards address the phonological process error of stopping /s/ (i.e., saying "toop" instead of "soup" or "tame" instead of "same").  There are 18 cards in this set.

Articulation: Minimal Pairs in Sentences - Final Consonant Deletion

I've been making lots of minimal pair materials lately to work on phonological process errors!  These flash cards address final consonant deletion in sentences (e.g., "The cow sat on the couch").  You could use these with any game... just have the child read or repeat the sentence and then take a turn.

Articulation: Minimal Pairs in Sentences - G and D (Fronting/Backing)

Here's another minimal pairs worksheet, this time addressing fronting or backing /g/ and /d/!  It is great to work on phonological processes with a minimal pairs approach to ensure that the child can both hear and produce the sounds differently.  This is one of the many reasons that it's important before starting therapy that all children have a hearing evaluation.

Articulation: Minimal Pairs in Sentences - K and T (Fronting/Backing)

This worksheet addresses the /k/ and /t/ phonemes in the word-initial position of sentences.  Good for extra practice with the phonological process errors of fronting or backing!

Pragmatics: Commenting in Conversation

I am working with one of my high school aged clients on producing comments to show that he is actively listening.  I am going to first have him identify whether what I said is something that requires a positive, negative, or neutral response.  Then, he can choose any comment on this list to reply before I continue my story.  As he gets better, I will pause the story and wait for him to produce a comment on his own.

Any other common social comments that I should add to the list?

Receptive Language: Following Temporal Directions: St. Patrick's Day Theme

My before/after directions seemed to be a hit last week, and someone had the genius idea of making holiday themed directions, which are always more fun!  Here is a St. Patrick's Day worksheet addressing the temporal concepts of "before" and "after" in mixed clause positions.  Does anyone else NOT get spring break off?  I work in a private clinic and I'm jealous of everyone who has the week off!

Grammar: Receptive Identification of Pronouns

This set of 20 flash cards work on him/her and his/her, e.g., "Point to her.  Point to him.  Point to her shoes.  Point to his shoes."  I used free clipart from!

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