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Receptive Language: Object Functions

This is a PowerPoint I made to work on receptively identifying items from a choice of three when given an object function (which one do you eat, which one do you wear, which one is used for cutting, etc).

When you view it as a slide show and click on the correct link, you hear applause and it moves to the next slide (I think... it's been awhile since I made this).  You can also print each page and have the child tell you the correct answer.  Or print them 4 slides per page and cut out and use as flash cards.


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  2. I LOVE this! I cannot wait to use it with one of my non-verbal students. Do you happen to have any resources on receptive language by feature??

  3. Really love this but sound didn't work for me. SLP Assistant

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Will be donating :)


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