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Grammar: Irregular Plural Nouns Flash Cards

Irregular plural nouns are hard to memorize!  You can either print this as a worksheet or cut out the cards and use them as flash cards.  Or, if you have kids like mine who LOVE cutting and gluing... cut the cards out and glue them on a piece of construction paper.  I'm not sure why, but cutting and gluing seems to make everything more fun!!!

Receptive Language: Following Temporal Directions

I was giving the CELF-4 yesterday and realized that although I like the Concepts & Following Directions subtest, there are not a lot of written materials out there that address some of the types of basic concepts on this subtest.  Obviously you can do before/after directions with real life objects (jump up and down before you spin around), but I made this worksheet to work on before/after directions with pictures, which is what the CELF-4 is really testing.

Grammar: Personal Pronouns

I am going to use this worksheet with one of my clients who is working on using correct personal pronouns.  Such a difficult skill to master especially in children with autism!  I usually give a lot of cues at first, such as asking "Is it a boy or a girl?" and then having a visual chart that shows boy = he, girl = she, 2 people = they.

Articulation: S Blends Story Activity (Sn Blends)

Here's another articulation story activity addressing s blends (specifically sn blends in the initial word position).

Articulation: Vocalic R Story Activity (Or Sound)

Another vocalic /r/ story!  This is my 100th post!!!  Be sure to look at the archives in the right side column for lots of other free worksheets and activities!

Articulation: Vocalic R Story Activity (Ar Sound)

Here's another articulation story for working on the "ar" sound in mixed word positions in a story.

Story Booklet: The Library Trip

I use these story booklets with my kids who are working on short story comprehension and distinguishing between types of wh- questions.  I hope you can use them too!

Articulation: Sp Blends Story Activity

Here is an articulation story activity targeting s blends (specifically sp blends) in the word initial position.

Expressive Language: Formulating Questions

I made this worksheet to work on formulating questions with two given words (a question word and a noun).  I made a similar worksheet a few months ago, but I have kids who are still working on this goal!

Auditory Memory: Recalling Details in Sentences

I made this worksheet to work on recalling two details in a sentence by answering wh comprehension questions.  I work on this goal before working on recalling details in short (3-4 sentence) paragraphs and then in longer stories.

Story Booklet: St. Patrick's Day

Here is a St. Patrick's Day themed story booklet with three comprehension questions.  Don't forget, I also have a St. Patrick's Day following positional directions activity!

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Articulation: St Blends Story Activity

Here is an "s blends" story that addresses "st" blends in sentences/stories!  Does anyone know why sometimes they are referred to as "s blends" and sometimes "s clusters"? I don't!  Does "blends" refer to oral production and "clusters" refers to the written letters?

Articulation: Sk Blends Story Activity

I like to work on s-blends separately when doing articulation therapy because I find that some blends seem to be harder than others.  Also, separating them helps if the client has a phonological process disorder such as fronting or backing (e.g., saying "sty" instead of "sky").  This worksheet addresses the /sk/ blend in sentences and/or while reading.

Articulation: Initial L Story Activity

Another request fulfilled!  Initial /l/ articulation story activity.  Great for working on the /l/ phoneme in sentences or stories or while reading.  Cut and glue the pictures above the corresponding words!

Articulation: Initial G Story Activity

Lots of new requests for different sounds!  Here is the /g/ sound in the initial position of words!

Articulation: Initial K Story Activity

Another request fulfilled!  I made an initial /k/ worksheet to address earlier articulation skills!

Articulation: Vocalic R Story Activity (Er Sound)

I'm going to start working on vocalic /r/ stories next, as these seem to be some of the hardest sounds to treat, at least for me.  I like to break up the vocalic /r/ sounds into er, ire, or, ear, ar, and air.  What is your favorite tip for working on vocalic /r/?

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Articulation: Initial S Story Activity

Here's a cut-and-paste story addressing the initial /s/ phoneme!

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Articulation: Prevocalic R Story Activity

This cut and paste story activity targets pre-vocalic /r/ in the initial word position.  This is one of the hardest phonemes to target (along with vocalic /r/) so the more materials you can use to address the sound, the better!

Articulation: Initial Ch Story Activity

Here's a cut and paste story activity targeting the /ch/ sound in the word-initial position!

Articulation: Initial F Story Activity

This cut and paste story addresses the initial /f/ phoneme.

Grammar: Formulating Sentences with Irregular Verb Forms

I made this simple worksheet for one of my clients who has trouble with irregular past tense verbs!  The irregular past tense verb form is already given, so the client just has to use it in a sentence.  A step harder would be to give the child the present tense verb form and have him convert it to past tense before writing the sentence.

Articulation: Sh Story Activity

This cut-and-paste story targets the "sh" sound in all word positions.

Articulation: Th Story Activity 2

Here's another story I just made to work on the "th" phoneme in sentences or stories.  Thanks to for the free clipart!

Articulation: Th Story Activity

This cut-and-paste story targets the "th" sound in all word positions.  I made this for one of my clients who is working on producing the /th/ phoneme while reading.

Spatial Directions: Baby Girl Theme

I'm having a baby girl this summer and I thought I'd make some positional directions with a baby girl theme!  This would be fun for preschoolers or anyone who is interested in baby dolls!  It would also be perfect if you happen to have a client or student who has a baby sister!

Spatial Directions: St. Patrick's Day

I can't get enough of these spatial directions worksheets!  I have so many kids who struggle with spatial concepts and following positional directions.  This worksheet is a little less messy in that it does not require scissors and glue, but uses markers or crayons instead.

Story Booklet - Obama

This booklet has a few interesting facts about Obama along with 3 comprehension questions (including visual cues to help with answering the questions).

Grammar: Questions with Irregular Verbs

This worksheet targets changing irregular past tense verb forms to present tense.  It's easier than some of my other worksheets, since the only word the child has to fill in is the verb form.

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