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Spatial Directions: Valentine's Day

Here are some more directions for working on spatial or positional concepts!

Spatial Directions: Groundhog Day

I know these positional directions worksheets were a hit when I made the halloween and thanksgiving directions, so I thought I'd try again with groundhog day directions!  Thanks to for the free clipart!

Spatial Concepts: Following Left/Right Directions

I'm working on left vs. right with one of my clients!  This would be fun to use with "Simon Says" in a group!

Story Booklet - Timber the Cat

Another story book for working on short story comprehension and listening for details in sentences.  I like this story because it actually happened to the client I'm using it with, and so I am hoping to help him with recalling past personal events while working on story comprehension.  I have added visual cues next to each question and I also like to color code the questions and answers.  I underline the entire sentence containing the answer to the question in the same color that I underline the question.

Story Booklet - Groundhog Day

Here's a printable story booklet about groundhogs with three comprehension questions! 

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Story Booklet - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I wrote this simple short story with questions about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I found it really difficult to simplify the story so that my students with limited language and knowledge of world events and social issues would understand it.  If anyone has any advice about this kind of thing, please let me know.  I have also started adding more visual cues next to the questions, to help my kids who have trouble distinguishing between types of "wh" questions.

Expressive Language - Formulating Questions

This worksheet targets asking grammatically correct, semantically appropriate questions!

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Story Booklet - Miguel's Art Class

Here's another story booklet about art class!

Story Booklet - Back to School (after Winter Break!)

I made this foldable story book to use tomorrow as my kids return to school/speech after the winter break.  Does anyone else have trouble brainstorming names to use in stories like these?  I used Daniel in this one, because that's my husband's name.  I'm also trying to think of names since I am pregnant (yay!!!), and I'm having a hard time!  I feel like I'm usually a pretty creative person, but when it comes to names, I can't do it!

Story Booklet - Missy the Mouse

I am enjoying writing my own 3-4 sentence story books with comprehension questions to use with my kids.  Actually, one of my clients helped me write this story during therapy.  Thanks, G!

Articulation: "Ch" in Isolation & Syllables

Here is an articulation worksheet for beginning to work on the "ch" sound in isolation and in syllables.  This is a difficult sound for kids with low muscle tone as well as those with cleft palates.

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