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Following Temporal Directions: Winter Theme

It's beginning to look a lot like... WINTER!  I tried to make these before/after directions less "Christmas" and more "Winter" but I just can't help how excited I am about Christmas this year!  It's my baby girl's first Christmas ever!!!  So I apologize to those of you who can't use these in public schools or other settings if they are too Christmas-y.  I can make another one with just cold weather related items (scarves, boots, mittens, etc) if someone requests that.  Maybe with baby blue and gray colors? 
Download the winter temporal directions here!
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Articulation: G Sentence Flash Cards

Here is the first of three sets of /g/ flash cards addressing the /g/ phoneme in complete sentences.  These flash cards address /g/ in the word-initial, word-medial, and word-final positions (8 cards for each position).  Great for working on articulation or the phonological process errors of fronting. 

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Basic Concepts: Temporal Directions (Thanksgiving)

Here is a worksheet that addresses following temporal directions (before/after) with a Thanksgiving theme.  For example: "Touch the pumpkin after you touch the turkey."

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