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Spatial Concepts: Prepositions Booklet

Print all pages and make a booklet!  Then cut out the pictures and have the child follow the positional directions.  (To make it easier, draw 3 X's on each page so the child has 3 choices for where to glue the item).  After completing the activity, ask "where" questions to work on prepositions.

Note: I made this using Microsoft Publisher, which I no longer have.  I am not sure whether the pages print in the order that they are supposed to when you print them from this PDF.  You may want to print them all first and then rearrange them!


  1. I also LOVE this download. Although I am in AZ where we are still wearing flip flops on Oct 26th (which I am loving by the way)...I know I can use this to introduce concepts of seasons, winter, winter clothing as well as work on following directions, spatial concepts, auditory comprehension and attention and memory! NICE WORK!

  2. This is wonderful!!!!! Where have you been all my life, er, I mean all of Noah's life? He is going to love this!


    1. This was one of the first activities I made by myself. Now I can't even figure out how to print it correctly so it turns into a booklet like it's supposed to! I think I'll make more workbooks like this though since I like using them with my speech kids too!


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